Art for Everyone

an exeter studio for children

Christine Hodsdon, Exeter, NH

girl drawing outside

 Art for Everyone Summer Camp is an exciting, interdisciplinary approach to art. Children will experience art through unforgettable hands-on projects, stories, games, music, and science!


Deep, Dark Jungle

AGES 5–8
So much to little time in our rainforest! We'll kick off our week making beautifully painted, realistic sounding rainsticks. Come learn how to draw colorful chameleons, make a 3-D animal face, and enjoy experimenting with science and water fun in our jungle. $170

Monday, July 11–Thursday, July 14 · 8:30–11:30 am

AGES 8–11
The jungle offers so many clever and colorful projects—tree frogs out of clay, decorative paper molas, and hanging plaster animal sculptures. We'll experiment with jungle science and set aside time for water fun in our own "rainforest." $170

Monday, July 11–Thursday, July 14 · 1–4 pm

Magical Mermaids

AGES 4–7
Full of mystery, these magical sea creatures are known for many artsy characteristics. We'll make and decorate our own ocean wands, learn how to draw mermaids and use watercolor techniques to liven them up with color, and construct 3-D mermaids that we can carry in our pockets. Our camp will end with a dainty mermaid party! $130

Monday, July 18–Wednesday, July 20 · 8:30–11:30 am or 1–4 pm